Prêt pour 2021

Retour sur le parcours musical de Jordan Olympus, qui prépare actuellement de nouveaux projets pour 2021 ENG: Ready for 2021Throwback to Jordan Olympus musical journey in 2020

O.V.A on Delit Face

Thanks to Delit Face for adding O.V.A to their website Check the original post Watch O.V.A music video on Youtube now

OVA music video is out now

Let's go ! The music video of O.V.A is out now on Youtube To see or review the photos and filming locations it's here. Follow me on social networks: Instagram, Facebook and subscribe to my Youtube channel

O.V.A Music Video – Behind The Scenes 10/16/20

Jordan OLYMPUS music video is being shot right now in Toulouse - France in a large villa in the pink city The first part of the video clip is made around a Mustang car The sequel to Jordan Olympus' O.V.A video clip ends in a sumptuous villa ...